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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Business Joint Ventures On The Net!

Business Joint Ventures On The Net!
By: Benjamin Scott

The term business joint ventures refer to two independent companies or more who agree to establish a new company. These companies legally commit themselves to contribute equity for the new company, as well as share their technology and skills. In return, they share both profits or losses and control over this organization. A joint venture can be executed for a limited period or a continuos period.

Business joint ventures have become the latest and most viable business model for many online companies because of the following reasons: Globalization has opened a world of possibilities, where different languages and cultures are no longer barriers. Today international travel has become the norm.

The other reason is the internet. The net has leveled the playing field. It has also made the use of technology have the winning business edge. These companies see business joint ventures as the next logical direction their organizations must take, if they are to remain competitive and profitable.

Do you own a profitable online business? Are you wondering what's next? Consider then, the many benefits a business joint venture can provide you.

- First, with a business joint venture, you'll gain access to other markets. This will then open additional or bigger streams of profits for you.

- Second - Think of the synergies you create in the business joint venture. All of the partners benefit from the exchanges of information, such as access to modern managerial practices and the brain power of your manpower.
However, you must be diligent in picking the right partners. It has to be a win-win situation for all of you. Choose partners who complement your strengths. Partners who'll share resources you do not have and can benefit from.

- Third - Diversification, which means that by agreeing to a business joint venture, you'll be spreading the costs and risks thereby minimizing negative impacts.

- Fourth - By entering a business joint venture, you'll get better access to financial resources.

- Fifth - By establishing a business joint venture, the partners stave off competition from other companies, and strengthen their position in the industry. How are business joint ventures created? Typically, forging of joint ventures agreements are determined by the following factors. The nature and the size of the planned enterprise. The length of commitment - will it be for a specific period? Or have the life of a corporation? Another factor, concerns the identities of the participants and regions in which their business operates. Lastly, the commercial and financial goals of all the participants and the method in which this shall settled.

Are there any negatives in establishing a business joint venture? As long as all the terms and conditions of the venture are carefully set out, there is no reason for it to fail.

A business joint venture provides you all the benefits of joining forces with other companies. Yet, you retain full control over your company. The best of both worlds can be found in a business joint venture.

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